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High Cholesterol?
The creator of
Gatorade® can help.
Gainesville, FL - If you’re one
of the millions of Americans that
have been diagnosed with high
cholesterol, “Natural” help is now
available for the creator of
Gatorade®! The highly regarded
late Dr. Robert J. Cade, while at
the University of Florida di exten-
sive clinical trials utilizing a spe-
cial formula he developed
containing soluble fiber (Acacia
This formula “CholesterAde”
proved to lower cholesterol in the
human blood by over 17% during
an 8 week period. Not only is this
special soluble fiber proven to
lower cholesterol naturally but
other positive effects showed
weight loss and improving bowel
functions which can help reduce
the chances of many forms of
Dr. Richard Goldfarb, the med-
ical director for the company
states, “Statins and other drugs
can create as many health prob-
lems as what they were devel-
oped to cure. Soluble fiber is one
of the most important natural in-
gredients you can consume for
over all good health.” For the first
time, Dr. Cade’s original delicious
tasting formula “CholesterAde”
is now available at these select
retailers or call 877-581-1502x1.
Iron City Pharmacy
301 W.Cherokee St.
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